ALIGN – A flexible cloud-based business improvement service – but how is it delivered?

With the UK economy suffering an estimated 7bn loss, many organisations are looking to implement smarter business processes to operate more efficiently during these challenging times.

Our business and technical consultants work closely with business owners to deliver cloud-based ALIGN Ecosystems; A system comprising of journeys, processes, cloud systems, integration, automation, and paper saving policies.

ALIGN Ecosystems are built using a range of business applications to suit individual client needs, preferences, and budgets, delivering a variety of functions including CRM, ERP, Portal, HR and Project Management systems to name just a few.

ALIGN Ecosystems are designed around your business goals, with the delivery of your ALIGN-Ecosystem expertly tailored to reduce disruption whilst releasing early benefits, typically using the following milestones:

Customer and user journey development
We work with you to create your customer and user journey map, in the form of a diagram to visually illustrate the user engagement with your business, starting with initial contact or discovery, and continuing through the process of engagement into long-term loyalty and support.

It identifies key interactions and touchpoints with your business and your employees, and describes in detail the customer’s goals, motivations, and feelings at each step.

Business processes optimisation
If required, we will update or create your business processes to ensure that they eliminate confusion, improve efficiency, and are aligned to your customer and user journeys.

Solution specification & design
Our technical consultants will produce detail designs, specifications, and cost-benefit analysis for your ALIGN Ecosystem.

Solution Deployment
Our technical consultants will install, integrate, and test your ALIGN Ecosystem. We will then migrate your data and users and perform quality assurance.

We want you to fully understand your ALIGN Ecosystem; how it works, its capabilities and the outcomes it delivers. We provide full training on the use and administration of your ALIGN Ecosystem, and provide a resource library of more in-depth user guides and explainer videos for the applications used in your ALIGN Ecosystem.

We offer clients ongoing technical and business support to help resolves issues, monitor performance, perform upgrades, and further optimise your ALIGN Ecosystem.

And finally…
All ALIGN Ecosystems components can be easily replaced and scaled up or down as required. With our ongoing support, your business processes will perform not just now, but into the future; providing your business with an unrivalled ability to adapt and grow.

Why not visit our website and use our savings calculator to estimate how much an ALIGN Ecosystem could save you?



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