ALIGN Paperlite – save the environment, reduce costs and control your data

ALIGN Paperlite is a core feature of ALIGN, which combines Single Source of Truth data governance and cloud-based document management systems, designed with paper-saving policies, processes and automations to reduce or eliminate paper use.

ALIGN Paperlite uses digital signature solutions, with recipients sent electronic documents for approval, to sign online. Copies of the signed agreement are saved in the cloud and email copies are sent to the signatory. Additional features include reducing the number of letters your business sends out by conducting most of your accounting, supplier, and client transactions online. The possibilities are endless!

With ALIGN Paperlite cloud solutions you will:
• Take steps to save the environment;
• Reduce your operating costs;
• Improve your data governance; and
• Create better experiences for your employees and customers.

Impact of paper waste on the environment
2019 was the second-hottest year on record, at 1.1°C above pre-industrial (1850-1900 levels) Source: UNEP, with excess paper use and paper waste named as a significant cause of environmental damage.

The environmental effects of paper production include deforestation, the use of enormous amounts of energy and water as well as air pollution and waste problems.

“Of all trees harvested for industrial use, 42% goes to making paper. The pulp and paper industry is also the largest industrial user of water, the biggest water polluter, and the third-largest emitter of global warming pollution in most industrialised nations.” Source: Natural Resources Defense Council’s Website.

“The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper.” Source: Gartner.

The environmental impact of paper waste is not just limited to the paper production process but also includes the additional energy used to print, photocopy, scan, mail and shred paper.

ALIGN Paperlite will help businesses make a significant contribution to the government’s ambitions for zero avoidable waste by 2050 and improving energy efficiency in the UK.

Cost of business paper use and waste
Industry research firm Gartner, Inc, estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing and the costs to store and maintain files of information. That is as much as £300,000 for a medium-sized business with a turnover of £10m.

Waste isn’t just limited to unwanted printouts, printers require ink cartridges, with 11 ink cartridges per second and 1 million cartridges per day are thrown away, instead of recycled, according to Energy Central.

ALIGN Paperlite is designed with paper-saving policies, processes, and automations to reduce or eliminate paper use. Tasks such as obtaining signatures, submitting contracts, sending invoices are all carried out with a click of a button, with no printing or filing involved.

Bad data issues
Bad data is an inaccurate set of information, including missing data, wrong information, inappropriate data, non-conforming data, duplicate data and poor entries. Bad data can have a detrimental effect on your efficiency, productivity and credibility with consumers.

ALIGN Paperlite applies Single Source of Truth data (a data governance is a system whereby data is stored and edited in one singular location and filtered to other applications as required) practices to reduce bad data issues, eliminate duplicate entries, provide accurate data and help you find the correct data faster.

With Single Source of Truth data, you will improve productivity and enhance your customer experiences, through time saved and a reduction in embarrassing errors!

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation to find out how quickly we can reduce your paper usage!



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