Resource Management in the Cloud: Rapid execution in operations department responsible for $1.1B of infrastructure.

Cloud services give businesses access to the most advanced and innovative technology without having to fork out hefty initial investment, or signing up to long contractual terms. The explosion of new cloud-based services has greatly increased the choice of readily available business management software and tools. At Proaptus, our vision is to provide our clients with tailored, flexible, affordable solutions. That is why we love the cloud – its wealth of options lets us quickly test and tailor new solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

In November 2018, the new chief operating officer of one of our clients, instructed Proaptus to implement a suitable cloud-based resource management solution for his team in double quick time. The operations team are responsible for managing infrastructure worth over $1.1B; providing network connectivity to blue-chip clients and broadband services to thousands of customers. It was imperative that the chief operating officer could easily access a holistic and accurate picture of the department’s resource commitments and requirements in real time.

Our client wanted a simple system, easy to implement and use, with no frills attached. Proaptus got to work immediately. We adopted an Agile (iterative) methodology, and in under two weeks had shortlisted and tested three promising solutions. By the following week, we were ready to demonstrate the options and recommend a solution to our client using their actual resource data.

The client accepted our recommendation, after which we seamlessly tailored our approach by expanding the project from a small Agile development into a full business change initiative. We engaged closely with the chosen cloud service provider to ensure that the system was configured to exceed our client’s expectations. We then negotiated an extended pilot program to give internal stakeholders time to build confidence in the system.

Having a perfect tool is pointless if processes are not in place to ensure that it is properly introduced and used effectively. Proaptus worked closely with our client’s people managers to produce tailored processes and training, which transformed and optimised their working practises without disruption to ongoing operations. We also integrated the new resource management solution into their existing business support systems, collaborating with internal developers to produce live reporting dashboards and analytics. Now when resources are required, they need not guess who is available, the answer is just a click away.