The Infographics PMO: Enabling efficient delivery of innovation projects that grow UK economy.

Our client, a unique technology and innovation company, is now enjoying the benefits of Project and Programme Management Office (PMO) processes specifically developed to utilise one of their key strengths – the expertise and dedication of their employees.

In November 2018, Proaptus introduced the concept of using clear and concise infographics to communicate business processes, allowing staff to spend more time delivering innovation that grows the UK economy and less time on bureaucratic process documentation.

Our client asked us to set up a modern enterprise PMO from scratch for their business, giving it the capability to achieve ambitious 5-year growth plans. We immediately set out to build an accurate picture of the business, working with stakeholders at all levels to define the current state, requirements, and constraints. It did not take us long to discover that the exceptional technical ability and dedication of their staff was a key strength.

We ruled out implementing a traditional PMO, which would have caused severe disruption to ongoing projects and stifled the unique innovative culture of our client. We instead focused on the development of a flexible PMO framework designed to improve enterprise-wide communications, resource management and change control. This resulted in the creation of the unique infographics PMO concept – a solution perfectly tailored to the needs of our client.

With the new concept in hand, we developed a flexible delivery plan, kicking off with a pilot business change initiative, and followed by phased launches of value-add PMO services. Proaptus provided a full set of expertly designed infographics in time for the launch of the PMO and supported the Sponsor in presenting the new PMO to the business. The stakeholder feedback and reaction to the new PMO has been exceptionally positive, laying a foundation for good take up and sustained improvement.

Sample PMO Infographic