Why all businesses need to consider process automation

Traditional manual processes are often extremely time-consuming as they require manual input at every stage. With the help of process automation technology, we now have more time to focus on the things that matter.

An example of this can be found in automating your HR and payroll processes.

HR service providers such as BambooHR and Bullhorn, offer a variety of automated HR functions which can be integrated with other business tools and applications. From requesting new hires bank details that instantly enrol them into the payroll system, to linking your HR system with your benefits system; seamlessly transferring data and providing complete transparency and access to the staff benefits available, with staff automatically enrolled at pre-determined dates without HR having to carry out any administration work; freeing staff up to focus on strategic HR.

Automating processes also reduces the number of errors and human input required to complete day to day tasks. It allows businesses to operate smarter and achieve their outcomes quicker than ever before.

Many companies are under even more pressure to manage their finances. Automating processes increases efficiency and optimising finance processes can be especially beneficial during such challenging times. For example, a busy accounts department with manual processes will send payment reminder emails to clients with outstanding debt; sometimes, manual reminder emails are late to go out, resulting in further delays in recuperating the funds. With simple process automation, emails and notifications can be sent out at specified times or following a predefined event, with no manual input, delivering outcomes faster.

Robotic Process Automation

Advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are delivering improvements in productivity and data accuracy across all industries. RPA bots can mimic the actions of a human, including logging into applications, filling out forms, extracting and processing data, moving data from one system to another, processing email attachments, and much more.

Introducing automation to business workflows can deliver the following benefits:


Successful automation needs a clear and complete understanding of how the business processes work and who is involved.

Improved efficiency

Automation reduces errors and bad data, resulting in improved efficiency.

Enhanced customer experiences

Service levels are delivered consistently, making happy customers.

Reduced time and costs

With faster turnaround and elimination of time-consuming manual tasks, automated processes reduce the amount of human time required and save costs.


Automated processes enable compliance with regulations and audit requirements.

Accurate live data

Automation software helps you gain deep insight into your business processes and customers with live data, analytics and reports.


With manual processes, it is hard to scale human resources in response to an increase in demand. Automated systems use cloud resources, which can easily be scaled up or down, as required, giving businesses the ability to adapt and grow.


Automated processes have built-in audit trails, keeping everyone individually accountable.

To find out more about how ALIGN Ecosystems can automate your workflow, improve efficiency and speed up processes, please get in touch with a member of the team: info@proaptus.co.uk.



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